A healthy root system produces a healthy tree.


At Volentis we believe it’s vital that trees are healthy and look good. That’s why we work hard every day to achieve this, both above and below ground! You probably already know that a lot of work goes into developing a healthy, good-looking tree above ground. But how do you produce a tree which is also healthy below ground and which therefore has the right foundation? We’d like to tell you more about how we are working hard to develop healthy trees below the ground.

The first few years

In its first or second year of life, a young tree is very busy developing its roots. At Volentis we know the importance of well-branched roots close to the stem. This makes transplanting much easier and the tree readily begins growing again in its new setting without any problem.

The Airpot U-system

This is why Volentis has developed its Airpot U-system. A tree grown in our system has a very fibrous root system thanks to the characteristics of the plastic Air-Pot. Read our blog for more information about how this process works. It also helps us to produce a tree that is healthy and as strong as possible.


Maintaining the fine structure of the root system

Once the trees have been left to grow for a year, it’s important that the roots are nicely together and the fine structure is kept intact. We ensure that the trees are lifted and replanted on time. Our range has trees that have been replanted from 2 to 4 times. It’s vitally important that a tree is replanted enough times before leaving us so that it will thrive in its final setting. Because we keep replanting the trees, we maintain a healthy, fine root structure.

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