How we produce the best trees at Volentis

Did you know that a healthy tree can live for up to 150 years? The oldest trees on earth can even live for considerably more than 4000 years. But what makes a tree a truly healthy and beautiful product? At Volentis, which elements do we find important, and how do these help us to produce the best trees? Because a beautiful, healthy tree doesn’t just benefit us: it also gives you a product to be proud of. There are a variety of factors that affect the quality of a tree. In this blog post, we will explore one of these. We would like to explain how we see the U-system as the starting point for the best trees. What are the benefits for you, and what are the benefits for ourselves? Let us explain.


Healthy work planning thanks to the U-system

Our own people are very important to us. They work hard to guarantee the quality of our trees, and they know how to produce the best products. However, we cannot overwork our staff. As such, proper work planning is essential to maintain a consistent workload that does not become unbearable. The U-system allows us to keep our work planning under control, as it allows us to transplant the trees in the early autumn.


Healthy trees that grow quickly

Another benefit of the U-System is that it ensures the efficient use of nutrients and crop protection products. Trees grown in the U-System have a uniform quality, thanks to the equal, high growing rates. The trees grow more quickly and more uniformly than trees grown in the open field. In less than half a year, the graft develops into a young tree. Once the trees are harvested and transplanted in September, the tree can settle in its new location for the winter, which allows it to develop energetically in the spring.

A good workplace leads to a good product

In addition to good work planning, a safe and healthy workplace is also very important for our staff. Because we use the U-system, we can be certain that our people can work at an ergonomic height. They do not need to bend down continuously to work on the trees, as is the case with trees planted in the soil. Because healthy people do their work well, which we believe will always have a positive effect on the quality of the product!


A tree with a healthy root system

A healthy, high-quality tree has a healthy root system. The root system develops in a healthy way thanks to the design of the Air pot plastic that is used in the system. The plastic material is shaped in such a way that fine branching roots develop. The Air-Pot plastic resembles an egg carton, and has small holes that the roots of the tree can grow through. As soon as the roots reach the outside air, they die off and branch out inside the channel growing substrate. We call this air pruning. In this way, the trees develop a highly branched root structure, which allows them to continue to grow healthily at your location.

For Volentis, the U-system delivers a good product in several respects, which benefits both us and you as our customer. The correct growth of our trees is very important to us, and as such we work hard to supply you with a product that we can be proud of. Would you like to know more about how Volentis works to develop the best trees? Please don’t hesitate to contact us, or to order a brochure via our website. We would be happy to tell you more! Please also have a look at our Volentis YouTube-channel, where we show you more about our work! Also, have a look at our Volentis LinkedIn-page and our Volentis Instagram-page!

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