These are our people – Jef Arends


Who are the people that are working in the Volentis fields? Who are the men that work for your projects, your customers or perhaps your landscape design? We like to introduce you our people, the men that make your future trees to the best trees we have.

Meet Jef Arends: “Hi! I’m Jef, 42 years old and working for Volentis for more than 18 years. I manage one of the Volentis fields near the head office, in Dodewaard in the Netherlands. I really like being outside, that’s the most fun part of my job. Together with my colleagues, we work hard to grow the best trees. We constantly strive to create an environment that is best for the different crops we have. During the summer we are busy tying up and pruning the trees that grow at our fields. During the winter we make sure to ‘bring the trees home’, as we call that. What do I mean with that? During the winter we bring the trees to the head office of Volentis, so that they can be transported to our customers. Together with our team we constantly strive to grow the best possible trees!”

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