Specialist innovators

Volentis is located in the heart of the Dutch Avenue Tree Centre (Nederlandse Laanboomcentrum), in the town of Kesteren, in the Betuwe region. On a total of 90 hectares of nursery fields, tens of thousands of trees are growing. They are the result of what has been driving us for three generations: making sure that our customers get the best through continuous quality improvement and innovation.
For us, this entails more than meticulously caring for the trees themselves. Naturally, they receive that care, which shows from their beautiful trunks and well-balanced crowns.
In addition to the care we afford our trees, we pay a lot of attention to the growing plots. Their soil is worked and used with care and dedication, generation after generation of trees. This results in a strong and unique soil structure that allows our trees to develop a healthy and dense root system

The faces

We want to know everything there is to know about trees in order to be able to grow the best ones. For that reason, our team includes colleagues with plenty of practical knowledge, professional training and university educations. Together, we are continuously searching for quality improvement in every aspect, whether it's about the trees themselves, the soil or the environment.
Teus Willemsen
Consultant, cultivation in open soil
Mario Willemsen
Consultant, container cultivation
Marten Willemsen
Owner, sales, cultivation in open soil
Harm Willemsen
Owner, sales NL, BE, NO, SE, IE, FR
Ardjan Willemsen
Owner, finance, crop protection
Lubos Machek
Sales CZ, SK, PL, DK, RU, RO, LT, LV, BG, IT
Joachim Beens
Sales DE, CH, AT
Tijmen van Westreenen
Quality Control, Purchasing

Wilke van Harten
Office assistant

Senna en Finn
Our faithful companions


Volentis delivers throughout Europe. Thanks to our smart and efficient logistics, your trees can be on their way to you as early as the day after tomorrow.

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