It’s in our blood: growing the best trees. And that drives us to continuously look for ways to improve our quality in terms of care, growth, the trees themselves, the soil, the processes and the products. This has resulted in a number of innovations.

Airpot U-System

There’s no better start for a tree than in the Airpot U-System. The idea of growing plants in this system, which originated at Volentis, has by now developed into an advanced and efficient growing system. Using this system, we grow our own high-quality reproduction material. . It gives our trees strong and dense root systems, and that is the foundation of the best trees.

Concrete paths

We treat and work the soil, which has been handed down to us by previous generations, with the same care and dedication as our trees. By using concrete paths on our fields, we preserve the soil structure. It also offers many practical and logistical advantages.

Weed control by quad

By using low-volume spraying systems mounted on quads to apply herbicides, we can precisely determine both the quantity and location of the herbicide. This results in a drastic reduction in the volume of herbicides. The fact that a quad is a lightweight also helps to preserve the soil structure and enables us to use the herbicide at the best possible moment.

The next innovation is on its way

At Volentis, we are always on the move. We have identified further opportunities for soil improvement and precision agriculture, among other things, which will improve our trees and services even more.
Furthermore, we are busy dealing with secondary aspects such as waste processing. So, the next innovation is on its way. We’ll let you know when it’s here.

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