These are our people – Tijmen Westreenen


Who are the people that are working in the Volentis fields? Who are the men that work for your projects, your customers or perhaps your landscape design? We like to introduce you our people, the men that make your future trees to the best trees we have.

Meet Tijmen Westreenen: I’m Tijmen, 21 years old, one of the young guys around here. I like my work at Volentis, it’s very diverse! During the summer you can find me in the Volentis-fields on one of our working platforms, labelling our trees. We check the quality of the trees, making sure that none of the trees are crooked or growing out of proportion. And in the winter I work around the head office of Volentis. One of the things l like during my work is making sure everything is neat and good organized. Together with my collegues we make sure that our work happens with the biggest precision and always with good fun. What I like most about my job? That each and every day is different! We work hard, and with the same group of people. Everyone has his own task and his own responsibility. That makes it good to rely on each other. I know that everyone does his job on the best possible way, and that makes me proud to work for!

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