These are our people – Teus Willemsen

Teus Willemsen
We like to introduce you to the people who work at Volentis. Just to give you an idea of who works for your trees. These are our people. They do their best to grow healthy trees that look good and offer you the best green surroundings, every day. Meet Teus Willemsen, one of the founding fathers of the Volentis company!

How does your work looks like?

“My daily work contains helping and advising the salesmen at the Volentis office. Thanks to my experience of running the business in the early days of our existence, I know where and when to help and advise them. Next to these activities I work at the Volentis fields. I personally prefer working outside the most. The binding of the trees, growing of products and working with our U-system, together with the rest of our workers, that’s the best part of my job.”

Can you tell us something about developments you are interested in?

“We are constantly focussing on new possibilities. For our self, and for the industry. Is there a product that we can develop? How do we do our daily jobs? Can we improve our processes with more efficiency? These are possibilities I like to think about, and the rest of the Volentis men do so too. For instance; it is interesting to think about the quality of the containers we work with. How can we develop a product that still is perfectly fine after two years of standing outside? What is the best manner to grow trees outside? If we notice something in our process that can be done better or perhaps more efficient, we explore all of the possibilities. In that way we simply now, that how we work, is the best possible way right now. I like thinking about these possibilities, which makes my work more diverse.”

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